LED Lighting System for Visual Inspection

Within one year after development and installation of the first illumination system with an insulation glass manufacturer, 30% of all german insulation glass manufacturers have implemented our technique, including Climalit Partner, Interpane, Isolar, Pilkington, Saint Gobain, Sanco, AGC, Scheuten, Schollglas and Semco, among others.

Our lighting system has been successfully emplemented in 14 european countries and in the USA.

Station for visual inspection from Lenhardt

The visual inspection system can be easily installed in both the production lines from Lenhardt and from Lisec. Unlike the common lighting system which manafacturers previously used, the lighting system from o.m.p. saves time and money as glass defects are immediately regognized. With some insulation glass manufacturers the amortization time of their investment is less than one month because customer complaints significantly decrease.

Due to economic concerns, many isulaion glass manufacturers haven`t invested in new production lines. However, becaus customer requirements for glass quality are increasing, companies often make the decision to use lighting systems. By implementing our system, the quality of glass is significantly improved. Defects which previously weren`t visible, yet often led to customer complaints, are now detectable.

Station for visual inspection from Lisec

This also has the advantage that machines, such as the washing machine, can be used for longer periods of time. Manufacturing defects, scratches in the glasses`coating, glue, dirt and rubber resudue are regognizes immediately and not just later by the customer.

We also offer a durable and portable station for insulation glass manufacturers who need a seperate station for visual inspections.

Separate station for visual inspection

We have determined that an employee needs approximately two days to get used to the new lighting system. This is due to the fact that defects are recognized much more easily. For example the employee can regognize faults in the glass from a distance of 2 to 3 meters.