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Lightingsystem for visual inspection

Within one year after development and installation of the first illumination-arrangement with an double glazing manufacturer, 30% of all german double glazing manufactures already have this illumination in use, amongst others from the groups Climalit Partner, Interpane, Isolar, Pilkington, Saint Gobain, Sanco, AGC, Scheuten, Schollglas and Semco. 

Our lighting system has been successfully emplemented in 14 european countries and in the USA..

Station for visual inspection                from Lisec

Station for visual inspection          from Lenhardt

Both stations for visual inspection from Lenhardt with beam and from Lisec with a frame the lighting system can be built in easily. With some double glazing manufacturers the amortisation time is less than one month because the faults in the coating on the glass plates are not being recognized with the usual lighting systems that led to customer complaints.

Because of the economic situation a lot of double glazing manufacturers don’t invest in new production lines. Since customer requirements on the quality of the glass plates increase, the decision is made for our lighting system. With this decision the quality of the delivery of the plates is being increased since faults are recognized that were so far not visible, but often led to customer complaints.

Also machines like the washing machine can be used over a longer period. Sources of faults during the manufacturing, scratches on the coating, remainders of glue, dirt and prints of rubber rolls are immediately recognized and not only at the customer.

Double glazing manufacturers who want to have a separate station for visual inspection, we offer a rugged and moveable station.

LED-Lighting in a Lisec Station

Separate station for visual inspection

According to experience the employee needs two days of getting used to the new lighting system because the faults are far more easily recognized. For example the employee can see the faults from a distance of 2 to 3 meters

Since march 2004 we have a demonstration lighting system where we can show the technique of the lighting and the differences to usual lighting systems.

For a demonstration at your place or questions, please contact us.

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